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Minor in Consumption of Alcohol Charges in Mesa

Board Certified DUI Lawyer Serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert & the Entire East Valley

If you are charged with Minor in Consumption/Underage Consumption of Alcohol/Minor in Possession, it is important that you contact a Mesa DUI attorney to discuss your legal options. A conviction can result in long lasting consequences and an attorney can discuss possible defense options to employ in order to minimize the negative impact of having a conviction on your record. A criminal record can impact a college student's eligibility for scholarships and loans and may also jeopardize future career aspirations, particulary licensed professions. Penalties for Minor in Consumption can include:

In addition to Minor in Consumption violations, the Firm also represents young adults in other underage alcohol violations including Underage DUI, Underage Drinking, Public Intoxication, Open Container/Possession, and False ID charges. Penalties associated with these types of alcohol violations can include jail time, fines, court costs, suspension of driver's license, alcohol classes, community work service and a criminal record. In addition to criminal prosecution and associated penalties, an underage alcohol violation can also result in suspension/expulsion from school and or athletic teams, as many high schools, colleges, and athletic departments have 'zero tolerance' policies. Attorney Trent Buckallew has represented numerous high school and college students, including many ASU students, in underage drinking related violations and understands the impact a conviction can have on a student's educational and future career aspirations. He is committed to zealously defending young adults in order to protect their rights and ensure that educational and career goals are not jeopardized as a result of this type of conviction.

Contact an East Valley Underage DUI Attorney

Whenever possible, it is advantageous to seek the advice of legal counsel before answering any questions or making any statements to law enforcement when you are the target of a criminal investigation. If you have been arrested, contact the Firm and an attorney will guide you through any police questioning, advise you of your rights, and preserve any exculpatory evidence that may exist in your case. Additionally, the attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of your case, which can include interviewing the police officer involved in your arrest and analyzing any documentation and evidence the government may have regarding your case. The attorney will also identify any violations of your rights that may result in your case being dismissed as well as identify any legal or factual weaknesses that can be used as negotiating leverage to resolve your case in the most favorable terms possible. With over seventeen years in criminal law and DUI practice, Mr. Buckallew has extensive experience with the process of negotiating a pre-trial resolution in your case and, if appropriate, will also take a case to trial before a judge (bench trial) or jury (jury trial). Another option that may be pursued in some cases could include the possibility of resolving a case through a diversion program. In this case, after you complete activities such as community work service and alcohol classes, the charge would then be dismissed from your record. An experienced DUI lawyer can discuss the various legal factors that should be considered in your case.

If you have been charged with Minor in Consumption, contact a Mesa DUI lawyer to discuss your legal options.

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